LISTEN: Top 10 Girl Power Songs

International women’s day was celebrated last week but that doesn’t mean that our celebration of girl power should stop just yet! From Britney to Gaga to the Spice Girls, we’ve compiled our top 10 favourite songs for the empowered woman. This playlist has gotten me through so many bad days– and even bad break ups.

Without further adieu:


1. You Don’t Own Me as performed by Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn & Diane Keaton

If you’ve never seen First Wives Club, you are missing out. This has and will always be at the top of my list of my favourite songs and movie scenes. Here’s a little preview of the girl power awesomeness.



2. Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson

Always a classic!



3. Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child

This song was the highlight of the Charlie’s Angel’s soundtrack. A movie about 3 strong, beautiful girls kicking butt and 3 strong, beautiful girls backing them up with their great vocal talents? Definitely had to be part of this list.



4. Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys

Yep, Alicia Keys is smokin’!




5. Stronger by Britney Spears

Once upon a time, there was teeny bopper Britney– then she grew into a strong woman. Britney is proof you can weather any storm (or breakdown).




6. Run The World (Girls) by Beyonce


Girls! Girls! Girls!



7. Can’t Hold Us Down by Christina Aguilera

 “This is for my girls all around the world who’ve come across a man who don’t respect your worth. Thinking all women should be seen, not heard; So what do we do girls? Shout out loud!”




 8. Born This Way by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has always had a lot to say about individuality and empowerment. This song has become an anthem, a battle cry, and a reminder to be proud of who you are.




9. Wannabe by Spice Girls

 Who does not know and love this song? Once upon a time, we were all singing to whatever tune this all girl group was belting out. To this day, Wannabe remains a favourite. Of course, this song also dished out valuable girl-friend advice : “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.”




10. Unpretty by TLC


This song and video gets me up until this day. This is TLC’s reminder to every woman to remember what they’re worth. 


Photo Credit: Fly Art Productions 


That sums up our top 10! What are your favourite girl power songs? Let us know in the comments section below.


***Special thanks to my own beautiful girl-friends Monica & Joelle who helped me compile this list.