LISTEN: This medieval version of “Hips Don’t Lie” actually kind of slaps

Shakira has created an anthem for when you’re 6 shots in and the world is spinning and you need to feel like you’re in your body again. Yes, I’m talking about the fabled and fabulous “Hips Don’t Lie”–the very song that makes you think you’ve trained all your life in salsa dancing and all when you’ve never had a lick of practice. It’s just the kind of song that makes you want to hit the dance floor.

Now imagine it medieval. And, honestly, it kind of slaps. We really appreciate the vibe here. It’s different but still somehow familiar and still makes you wanna pop it and lock it.

Listen to it below:

Even the comments are hilarious.

“Ah, this song makes me wanna show my ankles.” We laughed. This is truly… bardcore. Brb, gonna replay this.

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