LISTEN: The Lady Gaga-Salbakuta remix everyone needed is finally here

Stupid Love is a pretty iconic karaoke song. The Lord in Heaven knows that I frequent it when I’m drunk and memories begin to resurface, causing me to angrily punch in its corresponding number code so I can half-wail, half-yell into the mic in pseudo-rap style–and I’m not the only one.

So when Lady Gaga released a song with the same title, netizens all over the Philippines began to talk about a potential crossover. Memes were born. Laughs were had.

Except it is a meme no longer. Feast your eyes (ears?) on this masterful remix of Gaga’s newest single (from her newest album) and Salbakuta’s classic hit.

We personally think they bring different things to the table in great ways. We love how Gaga’s vocals go perfectly behind the iconic Salbakuta chorus. This is a piece of art we can never lose. Respect, DJ Brian Cua!

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