Listen: The 8 Songs We Want Kanye West to Perform at Paradise IMF!

Still less than a week to go before Paradise International Music Festival, and yet we’re already incredibly stoked to finally catch Kanye West in Manila! Even adding to our excitement is the latest announcement that rapper/songwriter Wiz Khalifa will also be joining the stage along Afrojack, Rudimental, Up Dharma Down, and a slew of other local and foreign acts! If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, log on to and #bookit!


Ego trippin and infamous public outbursts aside, I happen to be a huge fan of Kanye (my fave album of his is 808s and Heartbreak), because despite his egotistical demeanor and apparent arrogance, you gotta admit that he makes amazing music. And if reviews of Ye’s recent Yeezus tour are any indication, it looks like Manila’s in for one heck of a show. So, because there’s still a good four days from now until April 9, we thought of putting together a list of the eight songs we can’t wait to watch Kanye perform onstage! Starting off with:


8. Stronger

If there’s one song from Ye’s older albums that ought to be performed, it may as well be the Daft Punk-sampled “Stronger,” which was literally the theme song of 2009.

7. All of the Lights

This power-packed song and its epileptic episode-inducing video counterpart definitely deserved its Grammy award nomination, and also deserves to be performed live.

6. Love Lockdown

One of Yeezy’s more popular tracks off 808s and Heartbreak, this song practically embodies the recurring theme throughout the album, and is one his more sing-along type of songs.


This song is intense, raucous mayhem, making it the perfect song to get a crowd pumped for a great set.

4. Mercy

How Ye will be able to perform this song without a quarter of its singers present is unthinkable, but this is just too good a song to pass up.

3. Monster

A personal favorite of mine, despite its controversial music video featuring dead women, decapitated heads and misogynistic undertones.


2. Clique

A song that further concretizes the fact that Ye’s clique ain’t something to mess with, this group effort between rapper besties is one of the more memorable tracks of 2015.

1. Power

Well, how can you not?!


Excited yet? See you on April 9 at Aseana City Open Grounds!


Paradise International Music Festival

April 9, 2016

Aseana City Open Grounds, Parañaque, Metro Manila