LISTEN: Miley Cyrus’ Sad Christmas Song is for Everyone Missing Someone Special This Holiday

Let’s face it. Not everyone is all jumping happy this Christmas season. While it seems the rest of the world is out celebrating this wondrous time of reunions and gift-giving, there is a rather forgotten population of usthe ones this season is just bumming the hell out.

Perhaps it was a love affair ended too soon, a long relationship that simply fell apart, or a love story that didn’t have the chance to blossom at all, it seems our girl Miley over here just gets your pain. Just two days ago, the Bangerz singer dropped this surprise Christmas (or anti-Christmas?) song to the delight of everyone who just isn’t in the best Christmas spirit because of a heartache.

There are speculations about who this song might be for; and of course all heads are turning to Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth whom Miley Cyrus was in a four-year relationship with. The two even got engaged before calling the whole thing off in 2013. But the two have been very vocal up until recently that they still care deeply for each other. So we really wouldn’t be surprised if this song is, indeed, intended for Liam.

Listen to the song below:

A heartbreaking line in the song even goes: “Missing you on f*ckin’ Christmas, why did you have to go? Wishing you a Merry Christmas, know I miss you so.”

And we all know Miley isn’t the only one feeling this way today. Grab a glass of whisky, kick back on the couch, and put the song on loop. And if you can relate, hugs, bbgurl. Hang in there. Things will get better. 😉

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