Lincoln (the Movie), A Look at Abraham Lincoln’s Final Four Months

When in Manila, Lincoln (the movie) will bring us into the American leader’s most revealing moments – the last four months of President Abraham Lincoln‘s presidency that showed us that he is not just a monument, but an icon whose words, passion and humanity changed the lives of the new generation.


Master-storyteller and film maker, Steven Spielberg creates an amazing perspective of America’s most beloved president. Unlike Spielberg’s award-winning films that capture the eyes of the viewers through its motion and pictures with his works like in  Jurassic ParkSchindler’s List, and “ET,” – Lincoln (the movie), however,  feeds the mind of the readers through its script and Abraham’s incredible words.

It may seem like a total turn from the usual Spielberg’s movie. Your eyes will not feast on special effects, amazing motions or even see the unimaginable – as the movie immerses the viewers back to 1865.   The film focuses on how Lincoln obtained passage for the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution in the United States House of Representatives, which would formally abolish slavery in the country.  It may sound like an easy task if you would look at this these days – when politicians have greater voice and people are free to speak, rally outside government offices and voice out their opinions in new media. Lincoln’s greatest moment was highlighted at the time of Civil War. How he negotiates and engages in backroom deals, and political machinations,  are portrayed in the big screen with the signature stovepipe hat and wool coats.


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