Lifehouse Manila: We Wouldn’t Change a Thing About This Amazing Concert

Lifehouse Manila: Hangover felt by fans all over Manila!

When In Manila, hordes of fans fell more in love with Lifehouse as they held their “Smoke and Mirrors” concert  at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last Saturday. Four years after their first concert in the Philippines, Jason Wade and the rest of Lifehouse swooned the jam-packed Araneta crowd with their best singles across their five studio albums to date.


Lifehouse Manila

(With Bea Bravo on lens.)


Opening the night with “Hello There”, the band’s members went up the stage one by one to build up a crescendo to their high-energy opener. The fans’ frantic cheers revved notches higher as Lifehouse played “Spin”, the first single from their sophomore album “Stanley Climbfall”. They followed this up with “Nerve Damage”, which caused an ecstatic frenzy as Jason Wade stepped down and walked through the crowd at the Patron area!


Lifehouse Manila was high energy from the get-go! 

Lifehouse already owned the crowd as they mellowed down with “You and Me” and “Whatever It Takes” before Bryce Soderberg took over with “Wrecking Ball”. Then it was an intimate acoustic request live with Jason Wade as he caroused the predominantly female crowd with their requests, including “Everything”, “Breathing”, and “Sick Cycle Carousel”.


Jason Wade


Ben Carey


Bryce Soderberg


Lifehouse Manila “You and Me” Performance

Lifehouse finished their set strong as they chained “Hanging by a Moment”, “First Time”, and “Broken” before they thanked their fans and went backstage, only to return for their encore performance after minutes of raucous screams for more from the fans. Bryce expressed their appreciation of the crowd, saying that the Philippines is their favorite country to perform at. They performed “Halfway Gone” before closing with “Everything” and the crowd singing for all they’re worth the majestic final piece of the night.


Bryce Soderberg playing his bass with a bow at the beginning of “Hanging by a Moment”. Insane!

There were a lot of great moments from the concert. “You and Me”, “Whatever It Takes”, and “Broken” were some of my favorite performances of the evening. “Everything” has a deep personal meaning for me as a Christian and will always be one of my favorites. I appreciated the fact that nobody raised their horns during the concert, particularly because Lifehouse is essentially considered a contemporary Christian band (though not openly declared). I was singing and humming “Spin” until Sunday afternoon. And I wasn’t the only one left with a serious hangover: Apparently, Jason Wade was trending on Twitter as late as 2:30 AM!


No smoke and mirrors on this one: Lifehouse Manila was a straight-up amazing concert!

With the success of the first two Lifehouse concerts When In Manila, I wouldn’t be surprised if a third concert will be chalked up. The band loves to play here; we love to hear them live. Maybe another four years from now? Maybe sooner? Whenever that happens, we’re just happy Dayly Entertainment and That’s Ntertainment Productions brought them to Manila this time around. Now gentlemen, tune your guitars, bring forth your husky voice, and start practicing “Breathing” or “You and Me” for your lady love. You may not be as famous as Jason Wade, but you can at least trend in the heart of your loved one. (Okay, THAT was cheesy. But hey, all is fair in love and blogging.)



See you again, Jason.

 Lifehouse Manila: We Wouldn’t Change a Thing About This Amazing Concert


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