Life Bidet: The Future Toilet is Here

Back in the day, toilets were pretty simple. However, thanks to technology and innovation, all of that has changed. In case you haven’t seen it yet, the future toilet has finally arrived in the Philippines. Say hello to Life Bidet’s DobiDos Premium Bidet (Electronic Toilet Seat Bidet)! That’s right. The future toilet has an electronic toilet seat and it is one of the coolest things I have seen to date.

Life Bidet Electronic Toilet

I still remember the first time I saw an electronic toilet seat. I was on vacation in Bangkok, Thailand, needing the bathroom in their cool Terminal 22 mall when I needed the loo and saw this innovative contraption in the toilet. I spent about 15 minutes playing around with the buttons before I called my friend in who was travelling with me (there was no line in the bathroom; don’t worry) to show her the awesomeness of technology.

This got us to thinking: why in the world can’t we have the same stuff in the Philippines? In fact, why can’t we get a taste of first world in our very own homes? Well, with the arrival of the No. 1 Premium bidet in Korea, now, we can!

Gone are the days of point-and-shoot washing with handheld sprays. No more bending and stretching just to reach those unspeakable places. Now your bathroom can feel like a world-class hotel with the addition of DobiDos Premium Bidet.

Life Bidet Electronic Toilet Seat


DobiDos, an acronym for Daelim Optimum Bath Innovation, Daelim Optimum Satisfaction is manufactured by Daelim Trading established in South Korea in 1970. They launched DobiDos in 2002 and has since dominated the market with their comprehensive functions and sophisticated designs. They were awarded for their impeccable quality for 17 consecutive years making them the preferred bidet of most hotels and homes.

Life Bidet Electronic Toilet Seat

Why Get This Electronic Toilet Seat?

This electronic toilet seat bidet always hits a bull’s eye! It ensures superior cleaning with its micro wash technology and massage functions removing all residue preventing any infection (such as UTI).

You can have warm showers in the evening, why should it be different for your heiny? Adjust the water temperature and pressure anytime you want.

It has warm air dry for hands-free cleaning! Just pure blissful sessions!

It is also equipped with a self-cleaning nozzle, deodorization, and heated seat function for optimal comfort.

You literally just sit, and DobiDos will do the work!  Life Bidet Electronic Toilet Seat

Aside from all of that, the use of electronic bidets is a huge relief for people with movement challenges such as pregnant women and elders where a small twist in the muscle can cause such pain and discomfort.

With DobiDos premium bidet, your loved ones do not need to worry about going to the bathroom anymore! All can be done with just a few clicks. Best of all, though, it’s for everyone who wants luxurious comfort in every way!
Life Bidet Electronic Toilet Seat

Elevate your bathroom experience today and discover new life with Life Bidet!

Life Bidet is available in standard Philippine voltage and outlet (220volts, 60hz), and comes with English buttons, a manual, and a 1-year limited warranty, plus free installation services for Metro Manila areas! For outside Metro Manila, they provide live chats and step-by-step procedures to make it worry-free for you!

Dobidos Premium Bidet is available in the Philippines for as low as Php 10,800 through the following:

Life Bidet

91 Don Jose Street, Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City

09175382546 / 3705587