These Lemon Blondies Are the Perfect Snack na Pampa-Good Vibes

The best time to indulge in a bite-sized sweetness is on a busy day, whether one is caught up with work or as a motivational ‘baon’ this back-to-school season. And if a pick-me-up treat is the topic, Brownies Unlimited takes it up a notch with their latest creation: Lemon Blondies. These bite-sized lemon-infused blondies are simply irresistible for a sweetness fix with a fruity punch.

Indulge in a bite sized sweetness is on a busy day with Lemon Blondies

Photo: Brownies Unlimited

True to its name, Brownies Unlimited has been a household brand for brownies. Just when customers think there is nothing new to expect from their go-to brownies, the brand introduces their Lemon Blondies fresh out of the oven. What sets this new offering apart is its ability to tantalize the taste buds with its tangy lemon richness, elegantly adorned with a white lemon chocolate drizzle. While Lemon Blondies retain the classic familiarity of traditional brownies, it offers a more delicate and buttery texture that dances smoothly on the palate.

Seize the opportunity to sweeten the day with this exciting and delightful treat

Photo: Brownies Unlimited

But here’s an even sweeter deal: this new go-to handy snack delights both the palate and the wallet, priced at only ₱99 for a cup containing eight bite-sized pieces. This serving size is perfect for those seeking a quick and easy sweet fix at any given time of the day. Made convenient for curious sweet tooths, the Lemon Blondies are accessibly available at any Brownies Unlimited store nationwide. 

Crafted to be affordable for Filipino consumers, everyone should indulge in these Lemon Blondies that provide a refreshing twist on the usual brownie flavors. Whether it’s for one’s self, family, friends, or children, seize the opportunity to sweeten the day with this exciting and delightful treat.

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