Learn About Content Creation From Professionals at Eplayment’s Project Upload Workshop

Eplayment will hold its first-ever creator workshop featuring known names in the world of content creation. Recognized writer, streamer, music producer, and community head are among the invited lecturers in the Project Upload workshop this July 29, 2023, at AIM, Eugenio Lopez Foundation Building, Makati City.

Project Upload was envisioned to be an incubator for content creators, especially starting ones, by providing them with more guidance and knowledge on how to stimulate creativity and unleash their best works. Eplayment is eager to support creators in bringing their unique visions and projects to life. 

Project Upload poster

Established and aspiring content creators are welcome to participate in the event. Interested creators can enjoy a free and worthwhile workshop with experts in content crafting. The workshop will broadly discuss content creation — from making and establishing your brand and unique content to building a community.

Vince Golangco, CEO and Founder of WhenInManila.com, one of the biggest blogs and online magazines in the Philippines; Youtube Partner streamer and songwriter, Danielle Mendoza; Music Producer, Cresar Benitez; Content Creator, Kang Dupet; Pokemon Philippines Admin, JV Ruanto; and Team Payaman vlogger and video producer, Emmanuel “Dexty MN” Narreto are the guest speakers to share their knowledge in their respective expertise. 

Vince speaker at Project Upload

“I love sharing my insights to help young content creators. The digital marketing space is a very fast-moving and complicated space, so I love being able to help new creators to find their way in this digital world,” Golangco said on having seminars like Project Upload.

Creators will also be introduced to Eplayment’s creator-centric tools and programs that will support them further in the industry. One of those is the Creator Gift QR, an essential tool, especially for starting creators, to achieve a seamless gifting process. This allows them to have free and easy access to their well-earned tips and gifts through the Eplayment app. Eplayment’s PIXEL, a suite of creator in-app features, will also be launched during the workshop. PIXEL will enable creators to manage the monetization of their content through a single dashboard – from customizing and hosting subscriptions to rewarding fans. 

This year’s Project Upload will accommodate up to 100 content creators from different interests, such as streaming, vlogging, content writing, cosplaying, music, and others. The inclusivity of this event marks another mission of Eplayment to support all kinds of content creators in the Philippines. 

To register for the event, access this link: https://eplayment.app.link/ProjectUploadReg.