lace up 2017

The UST Clinical Pharmacy Society is a highly recognized organization in the University of Santo Tomas, Espana, Manila. It promotes the lifestyle development of the residents of the different adopted communities through 8 clinics which are: Dengue Clinic, Diabetes Clinic, Hypertension Clinic, Women’s Health Clinic, Men’s Health Clinic, Geriatric Clinic, Pediatric Clinic, and Skin Care Clinic. This year, the said organization will yet again host a fund raising event that will enable its members, students and even non-Thomasians to run for a cause.

The money to be raised from the event will be used to finance outreach activities and to provide wheelchairs to those who are incapacitated.

To be held this March 12, 2017 on UST grounds at 3pm onwards, the Clinical Pharmacy Society presents LACE UP 2017: SplashFest!

Lace Up! is the annual major fund raising activity of the UST Clinical Pharmacy Society. A much awaited event on its fifth year, it will have two parts namely splash run and obstacle run.

So get ready to get splashed as you dash!

This fun run fund raising activity won’t be possible without the help of the Clinical Pharmacy Society’s partner student organizations, namely Scarlet Central, Scarlet Pharmacy, Red Cross Pharmacy, Rotaract Pharmacy, and Junior Pharmacists’ Association.

Only limited slots left! For registration, please contact:

1. Jez- 0905-299-8011

  1. Orly- 0977-713-5442
  2. Carl- 0936-531-0203