Krisp Collection Meets Jelly Bunny!

When in MANILA, online shops are on the rise… Check out this newest chic and fun online store–KRISP Collection 🙂


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Chic, young, and FUN!– 3 words that best describe KRISP! Krisp Collection seeks to keep a girl’s casual day worry-free, candid, light and effortlessly pretty. I’m sure a lot of ladies, including me, are victims worrying what to wear the next morning. Casual day outs can sometimes be stressful because you can’t pick what is the right outfit  to wear.. Thanks to our friends from KRISP COLLECTION, worry no more!

KRISP Collection born out of passion for fashion, believes in being yourself! More than looking “fresh and clean”, it aims to bring out the youthful vibe in YOU. 
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Krisp Collection Outfit Shots 


Krisp Collection Meets Jelly Bunny

“Jelly Bunny” a new brand that offers candy colored jelly-like footwear using high quality PVC plastic material. The rainy season has started and its really practical to use waterproof, comfortable and durable footwear. Hang out with friends, walk around malls wearing comfy and trendy footwear.. Jelly Bunny gives you that vibe! Focusing on classic, retro and vintage-retro trends undeviating from the modern styles, Jelly Bunny footwear are perfect for this generation! 


I have my own pair of Jelly Bunny Shoes, and I can say I really love them! Color-wise, they’re my favorite! Wearing it feels comfortable and light. No need to worry about plastics causing blisters on my feet. The ISABELLA pair I have, are made of soft PVC material which is perfect for long walks! And, it’s scented 🙂



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 Krisp Collection meets Jelly Bunny


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Krisp Collection meets Jelly Bunny



Here are some more styles that Jelly Bunny has to offer.. Remember, these shoes are made of PVC plastic so you don’t have to worry of it getting soaked in the rain, plus it has many colors to choose from! Not to mention being comfortable and affordable!


fabiana grey productTaiara product

 Krisp Collection meets Jelly Bunny 


  olga bow product    Olga flower product

 Krisp Collection meets Jelly Bunny 


                 monica product   luisa product

 Krisp Collection meets Jelly Bunny 


                  bruna product   livia product

  Krisp Collection meets Jelly Bunny 


 So When In Manila, Being young and free is so much fun! So enjoy it! Grab your own pair of the Jelly Bunny Shoes ad check out Krisp Collection to know the latest fashion for you! 


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KRISP Collection


Krisp Collection Meets Jelly Bunny!