Kris Bernal voices out concern about commuters amid heavy rainfall

Following the heavy rainfall in Metro Manila this Monday, Kris Bernal voiced out her concern about commuters, bikers, and people who struggle commuting every time there is heavy rain.

Kris Bernal Rhobz 2836

On Instagram, the actress-entrpreneur talked about one of the many reasons why she hates the rain.

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“Motocyclists, bikers, commuters have the hardest time. And when the rain gets out of hand, it’s a struggle to find shelter under the nearest bridge, tree, or shop,” she wrote. “It creates inconvenience and at worst it can cause floods which imperil lives, livelihood, and homes.”

She also said that she understands why some people would love the rain. However, the situation commuters go through makes her hate it, too.

With this, Kris salutes those who endure the hassle rain brings and said, “Hands down and salute to those who conquer the dangers and hassle of the rain for their jobs!”

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