Kris Aquino Defends Bimby Against Criticisms Of Not Being ‘Manly’ Enough

Anyone who knows Kris Aquino knows that she loves her children fiercely and would do anything to protect them. So it’s no surprise that when one Instagram user made unwarranted attacks regarding Bimby’s masculinity, Kris did not keep quiet.

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A netizen commented on a post of Kris’ from September 4, lamenting that her son would be more masculine and athletic if he had been raised by his father, James Yap, instead. “Sayang talaga si Bimbo! Pag sa tatay nya lang lumake for sure naging athletic n more on lalake mentally,” the comment read. “Ang hinhin nya ngayon pag lumakad at kumilos at magsalita parang chismosa na tamad. Sayang talaga.” 

[Bimbo is such a waste! If he grew up with his dad he would have been more athletic and manly for sure. The way he walks and moves is so feminine now, and he speaks like a lazy gossip. Such a waste.]

kris aquino responds bimby haters 1

Kris swiftly replied by commenting: “You seem to want a fight, so straight to the chin okay? Hindi sayang ang batang magalang at matalino. [A child who is respectful and smart is not a waste.] Mess with me directly please because obviously yung pagiging nanay ko ang hinuhusgahan mo [it is my parenting that you are judging], so here’s my answer- you are not in my league, earn the right to be in my feed.”

kris aquino responds bimby haters 2

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“Could you at least try to show some humanity and call me the “bimbo” rather than my 12-year-old? In other words, throw the trashtalk at the mom, not the child,” she continued in a separate comment.

How would you respond to a comment like this?