Korina Sanchez Wishes Typhoon Hagupit Hit Japan Instead

Korina Sanchez Wishes Typhoon Hagupit Hit Japan Instead

Korina Sanchez Wished Typhoon Hagupit Hit Japan Instead

You know that segment during news programs when they are about to finish and you see the anchors talking among themselves, but you’re not sure what they’re talking about? ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol does not follow that, allowing viewers to see and listen to their anchors offer their insight on the day’s news. But has Korina Sanchez, one of the program’s anchors, gone too far?

In a post quickly spreading on Facebook, a video is shown of the credits section of TV Patrol. You hear the voices of Korina with Ted Failon and Noli de Castro talking about the possible outcome of Typhoon Ruby (international name: Hagupit), which CNN called the strongest typhoon of the year. Here’s what Korina had to say:

Korina Sanchez: Kaya pa natin idasal yan para lumihis.

Noli de Castro: Alam mo, sana’y hati na lang tayo. Kalahati sa Pilipinas, kalahati sa Japan.

Korina Sanchez: Puwede bang sa kanilang lahat?

Noli de Castro: Huwag naman.

Korina Sanchez: Sa kanila na lang lahat.

Noli de Castro: Baka sabihin ng mga Hapon ay…

Korina Sanchez: Parang mas kaya nila.

Korina Sanchez: We can still pray for [the typhoon] to veer away [from the Philippines].

Noli de Castro: You know, I wish we could just split it with Japan.

Korina Sanchez: Can’t they just have it all?

Noli de Castro: Don’t wish that.

Korina Sanchez: They can have it all.

Noli de Castro: The Japanese might say that…

Korina Sanchez: It seems that they are more capable [to face it].

Korina also made headlines in last year’s Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) when she accused CNN journalist Anderson Cooper, who was in Tacloban to report on the aftermath of the world’s strongest typhoon to ever make landfall in history, of not knowing what he was talking about. He responded by urging the anchor, who was in Manila, to go to Tacloban herself and see the situation.

Her husband, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary Mar Roxas, was also accused of adding politics to relief efforts, citing the family rivalry between President Noynoy Aquino and Alfredo Romualdez, a relative of former First Lady Imelda Marcos.

Watch the full video of Korina’s statement below:

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Korina Sanchez Wishes Typhoon Hagupit Hit Japan Instead