Korea’s Famous Pizza Chain Eat Pizza to Open Soon in Manila

The widespread popularity of pizza is now more real than ever, with the influx of hot trends like Eat Pizza, the latest craze that is taking Korea by storm with over 110+ branches and growing at a rapid pace.  

Those who have been to South Korea and Singapore, where they recently opened with long queues, must have tried this unique, single-serve pizza that will soon open in Manila!

Eat Pizza

Hot and Spicy Bulgogi

It will be the first and only authentic Korean pizza brand in the Philippines. The F&B industry is abuzz with this exciting news that fuels the eager anticipation of food lovers.

Known as the number 1 single-serve pizza chain in Korea, Eat Pizza took the iconic Italian dish and loaded it with a variety of flavorful toppings to suit one’s preferences on perfectly baked and one-of-a-kind 25cm dough. It was launched only in 2021 and is now well on its way to capturing more markets, including Thailand and Taiwan.

Unique Baking Process: A slice of innovation. A burst of speed

The pizzas are created with high-protein dough and infused with the richness of extra virgin olive oil, topped with 100% natural cheese and the finest ingredients for an amazing taste experience. Eat Pizza is such a hit in Korea that a new pizza emerges from its rail oven every 30 seconds!  It is served fast and freshly baked in thoughtfully designed, thoughtfully designed mess-free packaging, allowing the pizza to slide out of the box effortlessly. The single portion is great for lunch, dinner, and any time one needs a quick and delicious meal that can be eaten anytime, anywhere, fuss-free.

Eat Pizza

Sweet Potato Bacon

The brand has imaginative toppings for those who want to have a taste of Korean on a pizza slice. K-themed menu choices include Hot & Spicy Bulgogi (Beef Bulgogi, Meat Toppings, Pizza Sauce), Hot Spicy Chicken (K-Spicy Chicken, Sweet Corn, Chipotle Sauce), and Sweet Potato with Corn (Sweet Potato, Sweet Corn, White Sauce). FYI, Koreans love corn!!!  There are toppings to suit every craving. 

There are also familiar favorites such as Pepperoni, Hawaiian, and Cheese, along with elevated flavor choices such as Triple Cheese (Emmental Cheese, Cream Cheese, Pizza Sauce), Fried Shrimp (Battered Shrimp, Minced Beef, Pizza Sauce), Double Cheese Bacon (Turkey Bacon, Emmental Cheese, Pizza Sauce), and Sirloin Steak (Sirloin Steak, Minced Beef, Steak Sauce). 

Watch out for the opening of the first Eat Pizza location in the metro this year!