Thailand’s Kolour 2023 Happening Soon—Here’s How to Get Early Tickets!

Apart from the majestic islands and incredible cuisine, Thailand is known for its party scene. There are several parties and festivals throughout the year, and one of them is Kolour.

Welcome to Kolour 2023.

Photo: Kolour | Welcome to Kolour 2023.

They have an upcoming event soon, and you should be excited about it!

What is Kolour?

Kolour is Thailand’s house and techno events pioneer. Founded in 2011, they offer cutting-edge electronic music in uniquely-transformed event spaces that everyone can enjoy.

Amazing vibes at Kolour.

Photo: Kolour | Amazing vibes at Kolour.

They continually aim to create the best large-scale events and festivals that bring people together in the most magical way. To achieve this, they stand by their ‘Kolour Formula’, which stands on three pillars:


Location is key for the Kolour team. They are always in search of the trendiest and most suitable venues and take them to the next level with world-class stage and light production.

Good vibes only at Kolour!

Photo: Kolour | Good vibes only at Kolour!


This is the heartbeat of Kolour’s events. The Kolour team brings in talents from all over the globe who create soundtracks that transport you to places like never before.

Enjoy good beats at Kolour events.

Photo: Kolour | Enjoy good beats at Kolour events.


Of course, at its core is the people. The Kolour team takes care of its diverse community and ensures everyone is always safe, heard, and having the best time throughout the event.

Happy smiles, happy times at Kolour.

Photo: Kolour | Happy smiles, happy times at Kolour.

Kolour’s past events

Many Bangkokians loved Kolour in the Park, a multi-genre festival that was held annually at the Thai Wake Park of Lumlukka.

Fast-forward to the present time, Kolour is bringing light back to Bangkok’s entertainment scene with Kolour Halloween and Kolour Phuket. You can check out their website to see photos and videos from these unforgettable events.

Fright fest at Kolour Halloween.

Photo: Kolour | Fright fest at Kolour Halloween.

Now, they are shaking things up once again this 2023. Details are to be revealed soon, but here’s a little nugget we can leave you: new venue, even better experience.

How to Get Early Tickets for Kolour 2023

Kolour events usually get sold out fast. We don’t want you to miss out on this upcoming festival, so we’re sharing how you can be one of the first to get dibs on the tickets—even before the general sale!

Here’s how:

  1. Head over to
  2. Look for the event registration box.
  3. Sign up and wait for the much-anticipated email!

Easy, right? Once you’re registered, you’ll have access to the private pre-selling phase and, possibly, get better deals with the tables and partner hotels.

No more FOMO for Kolour 2023. See you on the dance floor!

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