Kobe Paras Raps On Life

Who knew that aside from dishing some mean moves on the court, Kobe could also rap?

The Filipino basketball talent took less than a minute to do some freestyle rapping which basically talked about his life, his love for basketball, and his life in the States!

“It’s funny to me when I started playing ball”, Kobe says, “When I realized that people just want to tag along.”

Kobe even raps, “Tag along is a language in the Philippines, but gettin’ buckets is the language that we playin’ in the streets.”

The 18-year-old hoops star even commented on joining the Creighton Jays for the Division I of the US NCAA, after he pulled out of UCLA due to issues with his academic credentials.

“I’m in Creighton, y’all know that, I was chillin’ in LA but that’s a throwback”, Kobe raps in the video, which he adds, “I’m in the Big East, I got a big team, shout out to Drake ‘caus

Creighton University is a university in Omaha, Nebraska that plays in the Big East Conference of the Division I NCAA, producing NBA players such as Atlanta Hawks’ Kyle Korver, Anthony Tolliver of the Sacramento Kings, and Chicago Bulls forward Doug McDermott, whose dad Greg is the Jays’ coach.

Watch his rap below:

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