Kobe Bryant Defends Lebron James!

Now here’s something you probably didn’t expect!

Apparently fed up with all the haters, Kobe Bryant just dished out a Twitter rant defending the “world’s best basketball player” Lebron James, which should probably put all those Kobe vs. Lebron arguments to rest. Because, who else can relate to a superstar, but a fellow superstar who’s seen it all?

Kobe defends Lebron

The Mamba also had this to add:

Kobe defends Lebron 2

Kobe also answered a fan who said that Lebron has yet to prove that he can win a championship without two other superstars:

Kobe defends Lebron 3

It’s clear that this seasoned superstar has got nothing but mad respect for The King.

What do you think of Kobe defending Lebron?

Who are you rooting for in the finals — #DubNation or the Cavs??