Klipsch Image S4i in-ear earphones: bass without killing the highs and with iPhone controls

When In Manila and you’re looking for a bass oriented earphone without the highs being killed by the bass, it could be quite a difficult task at hand. Having many earphones promising good powerful bass and falling short, or having powerful bass and nothing else on the plate is so abundant in the consumer level earphone class. Luckily, Klipsch has their well known Klipsch Image S4i at the same class.



IMG 0763

 Nice and sturdy design by Klipsch.



Build/Packaging: The packaging the Klipsch Image S4i comes with is a simple carton box that you strip the side open to reveal the earphones. Upon opening, you will find a non-common metal case for the Klipsch S4i, nice! And the whole package comes with a cable clip and the stock set of S/M/L tips along with a pair of double flange tips.



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 Not your ordinary pouch or clam shell case.



With the build of the Klipsch Image S4i, the earphones are designed well. I pretty much like how they look. The only problem is that, there is an area which is angled and is slightly sharp. Having the Klipsch Image S4i worn straight down than the necessary over-the-ear design of the earphones, the curved area will hit the back area of your ear and is very unpleasant. This might not be the case for other people, but for me, I have no other choice but to wear it over-the-ear. Not a big problem though, I just find the earphones slightly big. The earphone housings are pretty sturdy built upon touching and checking them. Although the cable restrains are pretty much average or slightly just above average. With the iPhone/Apple controls, they are better looking than other iPhone controls and are much more sturdy compared to controls on other earphones like the SoundMagic E10M.



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 Pretty sturdy and well done mic and controls.



Sound Quality: The Klipsch Image S4i‘s main strength is bass. The bass on the Klipsch Image S4i is fully bodied. It is deep and punchy, but the bass is more of mid-bass punch rather than the sub-bass rumble .Bass punch may be abundant, but still has quality. With the bass as the strength of the Klipsch Image S4i along with recessed mids, the overall presentation is warm. The mids are warm and are somehow a little congested sounding and lacks forwardness. With the highs, the Klipsch Image S4i retains extension, however, the highs sometimes peaks that may give you listening fatigue on songs with abundant highs presented. The peak on the highs also causes some grain when peaking. So some EQ-ing would be great on the mids and highs. Surprisingly however, the Klipsch Image S4i has pretty decent soundstage. Much more soundstage than other earphones on this level. So if you’re looking for an earphone that packs that bass punch and has no veil on the highs, get the Klipsch Image S4i. There is a non-I version which is the Klipsch Image S4 just without the iPhone controls. The Klipsch Image S4i retails locally for P5950.



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Klipsch Image S4i in-ear earphones: bass without killing the highs and with iPhone controls