K&L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes – A Cafe Filled With Wonderful Eats, Tempting Sweets and a Hint of Baguio


K&L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes

K&L Cafe by Blushing CupcakesLoren’s Pasta: 197php (Half)/383php (Full)


Loren’s Pasta is a pasta dish with olives, capers, tomatoes, basil and feta cheese. The ingredients go off well together in Loren’s pasta. This is a must-try for any self confessed pasta lover when dropping by K&L Cafe. 


K&L Cafe by Blushing CupcakesLonganisa Up North: 265php (Half)/519php (Full) 


Longanisa Up North, as our resident WIM photographer Mr. Edward Cheng pointed out, has a brilliantly balanced ratio of meat and fat that everyone is sure to love. If you’re craving for some Baguio-style loganisa, Longanisa Up North is your hook-up.


K&L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes

K&L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes Chicken Alfredo Pizza w/ Boursin Cheese(347php)


The Chicken Alfredo Pizza with Boursin Cheese was a delight to eat. Imagine this thin crusted pizza with a chicken that was cooked to perfection, and you get this. If you like pizza, you’re going to enjoy eating this at K&L Cafe.

 K&L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes

K&L Cafe by Blushing CupcakesDaddy’s Bourbon American Ribs: 295php (Half)/580php (Full)


My favorite dish was the Daddy’s Bourbon American Ribs. The meat was tender and juicy upon my first bite. If you dread that this dish has more bones than meat, fear not for it has MORE meat than what you expect a ribs dish to have. To quote Mr. Cheng (hi Ed) it had “meat written all over it”. The sauce had that right blend of tangy and sweet for the ribs that will make you crave for another bite. This plate of ribs is one of K&L Cafe’s best selling dishes and it’s not hard to find out why due to its awesome taste.


K&L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes Red Velvet Cupcake

K&L Cafe by Blushing CupcakesDark Chocolate Truffle Cupcake


We also sampled K&L Cafe’s menu of cupcakes. The Red Velvet Cupcake had that distinct moistness and sweetness. The Dark Chocolate Truffle Cupcake was a revelation on its own. There was no doubt that I thoroughly enjoyed the truffle on top of my cupcake, but I have to tell you that the chocolate cupcake’s selling point is also its moistness. K&L Cafe has loads of other cupcake flavors and I urge you all to try them.


K&L Cafe by Blushing CupcakesMs. Loren of K&L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes


Personally, my trip to K&L Cafe was like a trip down memory lane because it was exactly 8 years ago when I got to taste the cupcakes of Blushing Cupcakes. Who knew back then that big things would happen soon? I’m happy to see the evolution and growth of the Blushing Cupcakes brand and I congratulate the sisters Karen and Loren for their success.

 K&L Cafe by Blushing CupcakesSome of the Delectable Sweets of K&L Café


So, if you are looking for a place where you can find great comfort food with a little hint of Baguio, drop by at K&L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes. I assure you that you’ll have a grand time with the lovely food and cozy environment. We’d like to thank Karen, Loren and the rest of the K&L Cafe crew for welcoming the wheninmanila.com family into their wonderful establishment. I can’t wait to drop by again soon.


K&L Cafe by Blushing CupcakesWith the sisters Karen and Loren of K&L Cafe


WIM Photos by: Edward Cheng





Address: 138 White Plains (Katipunan Ave.), St. Ignatius, Quezon City.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KandLCafe/

Website: https://www.kandlcafe.com/

Tel: 234-5965



K&L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes – A Cafe Filled With Wonderful Eats, Tempting Sweets and a Hint of Baguio