Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie: Delectable Selection of Meals and Desserts



When In Manila and looking for a place with delicious home-cooked style meals and scrumptious desserts, then you should head over at Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie!


Last July 12, I and two officemates dropped by at the Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie branch in Karrivin Plaza for dinner.  We needed to take a break and go out to relieve stress. And what’s a better stress-reliever? Bonding over a delightful dinner!



kitchen's best facade

Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie facade 



Right when we walked in, I really loved Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie’s interiors. I love how the walls are painted maroon. Dark-colored walls give me a cozy feeling and make me feel more relaxed.




kitchen's best counter

Really cute counter at Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie!




kitchen's best dining area



kitchen's best press features

They aren’t featured in print and online media for nothing! 



kitchen's best wall ornament




Apart from the usual displays in restaurants, the wall decor you’ll see at Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie are press features they have garnered over the years.



kitchen's best products

Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie treats are the perfect pasalubong / present!




kitchen's best diners

 With my dinner buddies for the night, Ma’am Muffy and Miss Rina



Now on to the food I was talking about!  Here’s what we ate at Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie:



kitchen's best Kitchen's Best House Salad

 Kitchen’s Best House Salad

 Kitchen’s Best House Salad  is a delicious blend of salad greens tossed in their special Asian soy dressing topped with crunchy tuna flakes and home-made macadamia brittle. I really loved the special Asian soy dressing of this one. It went well with the tuna flakes and macadamia brittle. 




kitchen's best cheesy chorizo

Cheesy Chorizo 

The bread were not totally toasted and didn’t have any flavor to it. That was good because it emphasized the taste of the dip which is the Cheesy Chorizo. The chorizo flavor was not too strong and the cheese flavor was more of what you can taste. I think the dip would also go well with nachos! 




kitchen's best roast beef with mushroom gravy sauce

 Roast Beef with Mushroom Gravy Sauce

Now, this dish all three of us really loved! These are thin slices of top sirloin beef roasted to perfection covered with mushroom sauce. The beef was so tender! I normally don’t eat beef a lot because most of the time, the beef is still brittle after being cooked.  I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that every bite of that beef was a delight!




kitchen's best spinach and mushroom lasagna

Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna 

 If you want a pasta dish that’s worth every peso you paid for, this is it.  Most of the time when we buy a lasagna, the sauce and filling between the pasta is not that ample which leaves us tasting more pasta than more sauce. When we cut right through that abundant cheese melt on top, it had a generous amount of pasta sauce, spinach, and mushrooms!  Also, you might think that this isn’t delicious because it has spinach in it… but you are mistaken. It’s a must-try at Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie!




kitchen's best banana toffee pie

Banana Toffee Pie 

This was our first dessert after the delicious dinner! This cake is part of the Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie’s Cake Hall of Fame, being awarded as a 2005 Awardee of being one of the 10 Best Home-made Desserts by Food Magazine. This award-winning pie composed of slices of bananas on a bed of their scrumptious chocolate. I love desserts with bananas in it and this was not very sweet which was fit to my liking. 





kitchen's best chocolate obsession

Chocolate Obsession 

I really loved this one. My sweet tooth is crazy and the sweeter the food, the more I eat of it! An obssesively delicious layer of incredibly moist chocolate cake dripping with gooey chocolate fudge is their all-time best-seller, and I’m not surprised about that after taking my first bite.  This cake was awarded as one of The Best Dessert and Cakes of 2008 by Manila Bulletin last December 2008. Try it when you drop by at Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie!




kitchen's best white chocolate macadamia brittle cheesecake

White Chocolate Macadamia Brittle Cheesecake

 After the overwhelming sweetness of the Chocolate Obsession, it was good that we tried this next because it was a mild dessert. It is a satiny smooth melt-in-your mouth cheesecake swirled in white chocolate atop a macadamia graham crust, iced with whipped cream and bejeweled with their very own macadamia brittle. This original recipe is a perrenial favorite to Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie diners. The Kitchen’s Best House Salad had the same macadamia nut brittle and it is equally delicious in this dessert. The nuts were more sweet than the white chocolate which literally melts in your mouth. Yes, you guessed it. This is also an award-winning cake, being awarded as one of the 24 Best Desserts Awardee by Philippine Daily Inquirer last 2009.




kitchen's best mango sansrival

 Mango Sansrival

 This had four layers of cashew meringue layered with real mango buttercream and freshly sliced mangoes covered with pure buttercream. What I loved about it was the layers of cashew meringue! It was so chewy and only had a tinge of sweetness to highlight the taste of the sweet mango. The buttercream was also not that sweet so you’d it lives up to its name of highlighting the mango in it. And yes, it is was recognized as Undoubtedly the Best Mango Sansrival Cake by Food Magazine last 2001. 



Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie definitely has a great roster of appetizers, meals, and desserts that keeps its customers going back for more and gets more recognition from foodies and publications in the metro. 



kitchen's best staff

Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie staff. Thanks guys!



So When In Manila, Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie is the perfect restaurant to go to if you want to have an intimate gathering with your friends and family while indulging on savory home-cooked dishes and mouthwatering desserts! 



Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie

Unit 5B, Building B Karrivin Plaza, 2316 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/KitchensBest




Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie: Delectable Selection of Meals and Desserts

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