LOOK: You Can Get These Kitchen Appliances On SALE This Week

Cooking at home and experimenting with dishes will be a breeze when you have the right equipment at home. Since dining in restaurants is not such a likely option right now, then you probably spend a lot more time in the kitchen now than before.

If you’re planning on revamping your kitchen for more opportunities to create tasty dishes, it’s best to get these kitchen appliances at a discounted rate during the Lazada 9.9 Big Brands Sale!

16. Induction Cooker

tefal induction

Photo from Lazada

This induction stove is definitely a great thing to have if you want a safer way to cook your meals. It’s especially helpful if you’ve got kids in your home. People have also noted how induction stoves cost a lot less electricity than electric stoves. So, if you want to veer away from gas stoves, this is definitely your best bet.

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15. Non-Stick Plancha Griller

plancha griller

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If you love grilling or cooking Korean barbeque at home, this non-stick plancha griller is a must-have. It’s compact so it’s easy to store. You can also cook your meat with ease thanks to the non-stick surface. It also has a built-in oil drain so that you can keep your kitchen (or table) mess-free.

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14. Food Processor

food processor

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Anyone who has had to cook meals for a family with very limited time would probably recommend that you get a food processor. That’s because it helps save you time by doing all the grinding, mincing, and mixing for you. This particular food processor also has a slicing capacity, making it extra helpful in a busy kitchen.

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13. Mixing Bowl with Built-In Digital Scale

mixing bowl scale

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If you love baking, then you’ll also love this mixing bowl with a built-in digital scale. Many bakers would recommend using a digital scale for baking to get precise and accurate measurements. This 2-in-1 mixing bowl with a digital scale will definitely make your baking days a lot easier. Plus, it saves space!

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12. Rice Cooker

rice cooker

Photo from Lazada

Since rice is a staple in Filipino cuisine, rice cookers are an essential part of the Pinoy kitchen. This particular rice cooker has a stylish design, and it also functions as a steamer. It also has a capacity of 5 cups of rice, so it’s perfect for the family.

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11. Espresso Machine

espresso machine

Photo from Lazada

If coffee is a daily part of your life, a coffee maker or espresso machine is definitely a great investment. With this espresso machine, you won’t have to get 200-peso cups of coffee and you can mix your drink just the way you like it. It also has a milk steamer for your lattes.

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10. Electric Grinder

electric grinder

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To complete your home cafe experience, you’ll need this electric grinder for your coffee beans. It always helps to grind your own coffee beans to make sure it’s just right for the kind of coffee you’re going to make. You can also use it to grind nuts, rice, and other things that you need in powder form.

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9. Digital Thermometer

digital thermometer

Photo from Lazada

This digital thermometer is a great gadget to have especially if you love baking or experimenting with grilling and roasting. The stainless steel probe will let you know if your dish is fully cooked. It also has a sizable LCD screen so that it’s easy to read the temperature.

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8. Coffee Brewer

coffee brewer

Photo from Lazada

If you want a less bulky coffee maker for your home (especially if you’re the only one who drinks coffee), you might want to get this coffee brewer set. It can brew a single cup of coffee at a time, and it’s just as big as a coffee mug. It also comes in a variety of colors—perfect for a personal coffee brewer.

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7. Heating Lunch Box


Photo from Lazada

This electrical heating lunch box is great to have if you’ve been needing to into the office a few times a week. You won’t have to worry about eating a cold meal for lunch—just plug your lunch box and you’re good to go. It even comes in a stylish color and in both single and double layers. This is also great to have if you like to pretend that you’re going to the office when you need that boost in productivity.

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6. Instant Pot

instant pot

Photo from Lazada

A lot of people cannot stress enough how great it is to have an Instant Pot in the kitchen. With its 7-in-1 features and many cooking settings, it really makes cooking such a breeze. It’s a pressure cooker, slower cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, steamer, rice cooker, cooking pot, and warmer all in one. It’s definitely worth the investment!

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5. Stand Mixer


Photo from Lazada

This stand mixer is also a must-have if you enjoy baking. It’s good to invest in global brands that are known for their excellent quality. This stand mixer already includes a beater, a whisk, and a dough hook for you to be able to create a variety of baked goods.

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4. Blender

speed blender

Photo from Lazada

For smoothies, fruit juices, and homemade sauces, you’ll need this high-speed blender in your kitchen. It has a 1.25-liter capacity and ten different speed settings, making sure that your food is blended smoothly and excellently.

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3. Bread Toaster

bread toaster

Photo from Lazada

If you want to prepare breakfast in a way that can brighten up your mornings, this bread toaster will certainly do the trick. It features a beautiful and colorful design on its exterior, essentially making it a piece of art. We won’t be surprised if this bread toaster becomes the highlight of your kitchen.

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2. Electric Kettle

gooseneck kettle

Photo from Lazada

This electric gooseneck kettle is a must-have for your coffee mornings and afternoon teas. It can give you the perfect pour with its gooseneck spout. It also has a feature that can keep your water warm while you prepare other things in the kitchen.

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1. Food Steamer

food steamer

Photo from Lazada

If you steam a lot of food and dishes, you definitely need this food steamer. Thanks to its tower design, you can steam a lot more food at once. It’s easy to use and even easier to store. This is perfect to have if you want a healthier type of cooking at home.

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It’s one of the best times to get your kitchen appliances online. Which one are you looking forward to buying? Share it with us!

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