Kingston Just Launched The World’s Flash Drive At 2TB

While the usage of portable hard drives to store a massive bulk of files is not unheard of, sometimes we need to carry large memory space in a handier form.


Kingston just introduced the DataTraveler Ultimate GT, which they boast to be the world’s “highest capacity USB flash drive”. Aside from the 2TB version, Kingston also offers a smaller 1TB type.

Needless to say, unlike ordinary flash drives, the DataTraveler doesn’t come in a plastic shell, but is encased in zinc-alloy for better durability. One thing, however, is that the flash drive comes in a USB 3.1 adaptor, instead of the USB-C, which isn’t too great for those with newer laptops.

The USB 3.0 UltimateData Traveler will be available in February, though the pricing has yet to be announced.

Thoughts on this? Will you be getting one?