‘Kingdom’ Writer Says She Has Enough Content for 10 Seasons

Any fellow ‘Kingdom’ fans out there? The ‘sidequel’ to Kingdom was announced a few months ago and we cannot wait for ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ to be released this year. We were able to join a press con with Netflix a few days ago, where we once again got to hear from ‘Kingdom’ writer Kim Eun-hee and her plans for this Korean zombie series that hit the world by storm! Check out this ‘first look photo’ from the press con:


Photo from Netflix

The sidequel aside, Writer Kim also shared that she actually has enough content for 10 whole seasons of ‘Kingdom’! And honestly, we wouldn’t mind that at all! She shares that she has loved working with the brand since there was no intervention from Netflix at all in the scriptwriting process. “We felt like one team,” she beams. “They did not try to review what I wrote. We worked on it together, and we thought long and hard about it together. After three years, it’s almost like a family.”

Writer Kingdom Kim Eun hee

Photo from Netflix

Director Kim Seong-hun admits that he didn’t expect ‘Kingdom’ to last this long; but now that it has, Writer Kim says she thinks they can dream bigger dreams now. “We have the foundation to aim for higher and we have trust with Netflix, so I hope our partnership will reach another level in the future.”

“This is just the beginning,” Director Kim promises. We cannot wait to see what else the ‘Kingdom’ universe may have in store for us! Watch the teaser trailer of ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ here:

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