If you thought Kingdom Hearts III was way too easy, Square Enix explains why

Fans of Kingdom Hearts all loved the third installment that was released early this year, but we all had the same thought: it was too easy.

Square Enix and the creators of the game, however, finally addressed the topic on Kingdom Hearts III‘s difficulty level, saying it was their plan all along. Co-director of the project Tai Yasue said the decision was made by Square Enix to introduce the game to a lot of beginners and new players, specifically children.

Kingdom Hearts III

“There was a lot of feedback that said the standard and beginner [game modes] were pretty easy,” he said in a statement to comicbook.com. “I guess we sort of aimed for that though.

For us, we wanted it to widen our audience so that was the whole point of that, but we did get a lot of [responses] saying [fans] wanted more difficult modes, so we gave them critical mode. I sort of expected that people might think that it was too easy, but we were targeting an audience. My kids, for example, who have never played Kingdom Hearts.”

Compared to the prior games, Kingdom Hearts III felt easy to beat within a week of consistent play. It introduced a lot of new worlds like San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6 and Arendelle from Frozen and seemed to prioritize the experience of being in each specific world than kicking Heartless’ butts. The bosses (The Real Organization XIII) weren’t as throw-your-controller-in-frustration-challenging as the prior games were either, especially when you can buy an instant revival token at the Moogle Shop that gives you a second life every time you die in battle.

However, we can agree that Square Enix made a good call on making the gameplay of Kingdom Hearts III much simpler for newer players or leisure gamers. Guess we’ll have to try out Critical Mode to see how it compares!

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