Kina Grannis Manila Concert–CANCELLED but sings UNPLUGGED!

When in Manila, Youtube sensation Kina Grannis gets intimate with her Filipino fans as she sings unplugged–only for them.


My Kina Grannis Manila Concert Keychain 


Kina Grannis started her day by being a DJ for a day at  The Wake Up Show with Vince and Tracy. This is also where she announced that her Kina Grannis Manila Concert tonight is cancelled. 

 Kina Grannis Manila Radio Guesting at The Wake Up Show



As announced earlier in SoulMannaLive’s Facebook Page and broadcasted at The Wake Up Show with Vince and Tracy, YES. The originally scheduled Kina Grannis Manila concert was cancelled due to the overwhelming replies that student’s have their ongoing final examinations and can’t make it to the concert. Full article here.

So much for breaking Kina Grannis Manila ticket holders’ hearts was the very considerate decision for the larger number of fans who couldn’t make it to see Kina.

BUT hey! look at the bright side Kina Grannis Manila Concert ticket holders! The sweetest Kina Grannis is giving a FREE meet and greet  just for you! Isn’t that much better? And a promise that she will be back for another Kina Grannis Manila Concert in the next few months!

How does that sound? If I were you, I’d stay tuned for that! 🙂

* * *


What then happened to Kina Grannis Manila Concert?

Kina Grannis Manila Poster


Kina Grannis Manila Concert ticket holders were so lucky to hear Kina Grannis sing for them UNPLUGGED. 🙂 As early as 7:45pm.. the lobby entrance of Meralco theater was full of fans from different age groups. Moms and Dads were present with their children to watch Kina Grannis perform too.

 Kina Grannis Manila Audience


Lines for the Kina Grannis merchandise and CDs were trailing up to the theater entrance. Jelly Beans were given for FREE for everyone inside the theater 🙂 I personally didn’t line up immediately to get a CD, and when I finally did, the CDs were already sold out! 🙁 TOO BAD.

 Kina Grannis Manila Merchandise for Sale.

 At around 8-8:30 pm, Kina came out to meet her fans. Everyone inside the theater lobby was screaming and cheering for her. All the audience were instructed to sit around her and settle down before she starts to sing. 


Kina Grannis Manila Concert turned into an intimate session with Kina Grannis and her Filipino fans 🙂


Smiles filled the lobby of Meralco Theater as Kina started to play “The One You Say Goodnight To”. Followed by her famous love song “Valentine” and the Jelly bean filled “In Your Arms”.



 Kina Grannis Manila Pictures


 The night was full of surprises! From the cancellation of the show, to the ticket refunding to the FREE meet and greet!


Not only were the Filipino Fans surprised during that night but also Kina Grannis herself!



The bird that gave Kina a very priceless reaction!



While singing “In Your Arms” towards the chorus, little pink birds on sticks were raised and waved with the song.. Kina stopped singing because she was so touched by the sweet gesture of her fans for her.. And then she had to restart singing again 🙂 🙂 Priceless moment indeed!






Kina Grannis Manila Concert ended with the song “Message To Your Heart” that had the participation of the audience, followed by the meet and greet and autograph signing 🙂 



Kina Grannis Manila — youngest fan at the age of 6 

The youngest of her fans waited patiently to see Kina! 





While most of the fans were busy lining up… I spotted some who were busy preparing for another surprise for Kina at the side! 




Thanks to SoulManna Live-Street Team Philippines and Kinerds for this!



Truly the cancellation of Kina Grannis Manila Concert turned into a BLESSING in disguise. It became a very memorable experience for Kina Grannis and her fans! PLUS, we get to see her the SECOND TIME when she comes back! And I’m sure, her Filipino fans will be waiting for that day! 🙂




Kina Grannis Manila Concert–Kina and Me 🙂


 Thank you Kina Grannis for visiting Manila!

My Ipod Touch signed by Kina Grannis herself  at the Kina Grannis Manila Concert 🙂 Fan Girl Mode!

Thanks to SoulManna Live for this! :)) Looking forward for more!

So, When In Manila, don’t fret if your planned event turns out to be cancelled, because you never know.. the cancellation, could become a memorable one.. just like the Kina Grannis Manila Concert! 🙂 

Oh and watch Kina’s Priceless Reaction here! 🙂

Kina Grannis Manila Short Video–Priceless!

Kina Grannis Manila Concert is part of the Kina Grannis “In Your Arms” World Tour.

* * *

Kina Grannis started her singing at the age of 5 for her stuffed toys. She played in private until she joined Superbowl Contest and won. She then started uploading videos to youtube that had millions of viewers and followers. Because of her Jelly Bean filled music video “In You Arms”, Kina Grannis was featured in The Ellen De Generes Show and won the MTV O Music Award for Best Web-Born Artist

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