Kim Kardashian Had An Adorable Cherry Blossom Tea Party For Her Baby Shower!

So in case you missed it, Kim Kardashian had a baby shower for baby number three, and it was so adorable! For the baby shower, Kim did away with the usual baby shower cliches and chose to do a fancy Japanese-themed tea party, complete with a gorgeous cherry blossom forest.

Kim couldn’t resist giving her followers a sneak peek of the special day on her Instagram Story and on Snapchat.

In the video, Kim said: “Ok guys, my baby shower for baby number three. It’s just a tea for three with cherry blossom forest. It is so pretty.”

Kim’s Baby No 3 baby shower is in cherry blossom theme with a cherry blossom forest in her house

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Of course, her eldest North West was there and was appropriately dressed up for the occasion, wearing a really cute pink kimono dress and fuzzy slippers.

We’d love to have a party as creative as this!

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