Kid at Heart? Games Cafe ‘Play Nation’ Will Take You Back to Your Childhood

Words by Matthew Mendiola
Photos by Lexi Aguila

Don’t you just miss those good old days when Friday nights meant staying at home with family and friends to play a good board game like Monopoly? Well, I do. I still remember vividly the car token I’d always pick at the start of the game, the thrill of rolling the dice, and how happy I’d feel putting up houses and the occasional hotel on my properties.

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For fellow bona fide kids at heart, I’ve got great news. Singapore-based games cafe Play Nation just opened their latest branch in UP Town Center, Quezon City.

Play Nation began as an urban concept to remind people what it means to have fun. Their mission? To save the world from boredom. With the extensive selection of board games and video games that line their shelves, it’s impossible to get bored at Play Nation.

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As you enter Play Nation, you’re immediately hit with a sense of nostalgia. You are greeted by the familiar games that you grew up playing. Adding to that nostalgia is the warm, homey vibe the place gives, reminiscent of that living room where you would play with friends and have a good time. Colorful couches match the bright, vibrant aesthetic all around. For the big kids, giant rainbow colored inflatables are there at your disposal. Play Nation is truly a crib of fun and comfort for kids of all ages.


The best way to describe Play Nation is that it’s an ever-growing library of games. There’s bound to be something for everyone, as they have everything from classic family night mainstays like Twister, Scrabble, Uno, Clue, among others, to more contemporary games like What do you meme?, Cards Against Humanity, and movie and comic-book themed games to geek out to like Thanos Rising.

They regularly add to their stash, too, so there’s always something new to try.

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Nintendo Switch and Xbox fans are also very much welcome at Play Nation, as they’ve got a ton of video games to choose from. It was my first time to use a Nintendo Switch, so my friends beat me at every single Nintendo game we played (I sort of got the hang of Mario Tennis after a while). But, being a certified Guitar Hero virtuoso, it was my turn to shine when my friends challenged me to an epic guitar duel.

Fun and games wouldn’t be complete without some great food. After all, you need sustenance to fuel your energy for an entire day of play. And at Play Nation, they offer some great eats, from bar snacks to filling meals (you should totally try their delicious rice bowls).

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I’d like to think that we never really lose that kid inside of us; we just forget at times. But, the minute you step into the world that is Play Nation, you remember what it’s like to experience that child-like wonder. At Play Nation, you’ll surely lose yourself in a good time.


Depending on the duration of a play, and the day and time of the week, board gaming rates range from P150-350 per pax, while console gaming rates range from P190-400 per pax. For more info, you can visit their Facebook page: Play Nation Philippines.

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The experience, however, is only as fun as the people you spend it with, so invite your family and friends to Play Nation and make every day feel like a fun Friday night!



Katipunan Ave, Escopa III, UP Town Center, Level 2 (Beside Coco), Diliman, Quezon City
Contact: 0917 163 1673
Instagram: @playnationphp