Keep Your Feet Comfortable and Fashionable this Season with Crocs

When In Manila and you want to walk around town looking stylish while feeling comfortable, then why not grab a pair of flats from Crocs?


When I first saw people wearing a pair of Crocs several years ago, I remember thinking to myself that I’d never own a pair of my own. It looked too big and I felt the material was sort of weird. However, as years and months passed, Crocs started bringing out more and more designs, several of which really suited my taste. I later on also realized how comfortable the material is, whether to use on a regular sunny day or during the rainy season.


Crocs Chameleon Adrina Flats II

I got my first pair of crocs a month ago, the Crocs Chameleon Adrina Flats II.

I love that Crocs has different designs for their ballet flats! And what I especially love about the Chameleon is that it changes colors under the sun! So if it’s cool, it’s blue but once the sun hits it, it turns purple. I so love it. Check it out!


Crocs Chameleon

 No those aren’t different pairs! One was exposed to the sunlight and the other wasn’t. Cool huh?


Crocs Chameleon 2

Check out the difference in color while I’m outside and inside

It wasn’t love at first sight, but now that I have my own pair of Crocs, I realized I misjudged them. They really are THAT comfortable! My friends know I don’t wear flat, but I’ve worn these pairs almost everyday since I got them. It feels like I’m walking in slippers but with more protection.


Crocs Fall/Holiday 2012 Collection

Anyway, the Chameleon was part of Crocs’ Summer collection, but since the holidays are now rolling in, so are their new designs! Here are some of the designs for Crocs Fall / Holiday 2012 collection.


Crocs Fall Holiday 2012Crocs Fall Holiday 2012 (04)

Crocs Fall Holiday 2012 (03)Crocs Fall Holiday 2012 (01)

Don’t they just look so cool and classy? I can just imagine matching them up with my holiday outfits this coming Christmas season! The best thing about Crocs shoes is that regardless of how they look on the outside, it’s still the same feel and comfort on the inside. Gotta love Crocs!


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Keep Your Feet Comfortable and Fashionable this Season with Crocs

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