Katy Perry reveals the “one who got away”

In the days leading up to the release of her newest album, “Witness”, pop star Katy Perry has launched a Big Brother-esque 24-hour livestream of her life, running for four days. Since then, fans have gotten some pretty intimate insight into the 34-year-old singer’s life!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry invited Late Late Show host and carpool karaoke enthusiast James Corden over. Given that Katy was doing a 72-hour livestream at that point, it seems that James struck while the iron was hot and did not hold back with the personal questions!

Katy, who has dated some famous celebrities, was asked who was the one that got away for her, a reference to her old song!

Given her previous high-profile relationships, including Russell Brand, John Mayer and Orlando Bloom, her answer is definitely not what you would expect. For her, it was actually Josh Groban, whom she briefly dated in 2009!

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