Kathryn Bernardo Shares Her Favorite Designer Bags (Plus Tips!)

When celebrities share their collections of expensive items, some people watch with genuine interest while others immediately tell them off for spending a lot of money. In a recent vlog, Kathryn Bernardo shared her favorite designer bags from her collection while also explaining why she collects them.

Before anything else, Kathryn shares that she invests more in bags than in shoes because she can use them more while traveling. She also shares that she treats designer bags like a reward when she feels like she deserves them or when there’s a special holiday. She stresses that she doesn’t buy all of the bags that she likes. She actually has to work hard for them and even asks her mom first before buying one. She also shares that she’s practical when it comes to bags. Having said that, here are Kathryn’s favorite designer bags:

Kathryn Bernardo’s 12 Favorite Designer Bags

Louis Vuitton (Speedy)

Kathryn shares that she bought this bag six years ago in a mall here in Manila. Although she personally chose a red bag as her first designer bag, she recommends choosing a neutral color for your first designer bag.

Louis Vuitton (Palm Springs)

Kathryn has a massive love for small bags. Despite the tiny size of this one, though, she says you can actually fit quite a bit of things in it. She adds that it’s a great bag for traveling because it’s light when packed in a suitcase. It also comes with different straps so you can use it as a sling or as a backpack. Kathryn especially loves the youthful look of this bag and how great it looks with different outfits. “Plus, I can hand it down to my niece when she needs it later down the line,” she raves.

Louis Vuitton (Petit Malle)

This bag was a gift from DJ on her birthday. It’s small and classy and can be used as a clutch or a small bag.

Christian Dior (Tote)

Despite being much bigger than her usual choices of bags, Kathryn shares that she loves the classic print of Dior on it. She also says it’s convenient for traveling with DJ to avoid arguments that tend to occur when he takes up all of her bag space. “You can also place this bag on your hand-carry bag with ease,” she adds. You can also get it customized if you want.

Chanel (Boy)

Kathryn says that this is her most used bag because she can put a lot of things in it. She shares that she got this classic bag on her birthday because she believes it is a great investment. In fact, she believes that every woman needs a Chanel bag in her arsenal.

Chanel (Boy – Rainbow)

Since Kathryn usually doesn’t get colorful bags, she shares that she loved receiving this one as a  Christmas gift because it looks like a unicorn or like cotton candy.

Celine (Nano)

To alternate with her Chanel bag, Kathryn has the Celine Nano Luggage bag which she saw from Kendall Jenner. The classic design may be simple, but she points out that she loves the signature leather design of Celine.

Louis Vuitton (Speedy – Cube)

Although she doesn’t get to use this much because of the color, she shares that this is one of her favorites because yellow is her favorite color and this was a gift from DJ when he was just starting out. (So sweet!) While she admits that it’s a bit of a challenge to bring while traveling, she points out that it’s cute for a pop of color with an all-black or all-white ensemble.

Christian Dior (Lady Dior)

This bag is a recent purchase of Kathryn’s as an alternate black bag. Apparently, this bag was hard to find but she was lucky enough to get the last piece. “I think it was meant to be,” she gushes. Kathryn stresses that she only buys bags that she can still use years from now because she isn’t rich enough to buy things she doesn’t really need. “I make sure I buy bags that I will use for life,” she points out.

Balenciaga (Motorcycle – City)

Kathryn says that this edgy black bag is good for traveling. She bought this in Barcelona after shooting ‘Barcelona’.

Loewe (Hammock)

This bag is a sentimental one for Kathryn because she bought it for herself after all of the struggles, hard work, sweat, tears, and pain that came with shooting ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ in Hong Kong.

Yves Saint Laurent (Kate)

This is Kathryn’s only glittery bag, which she got because she realized she only has black bags. According to her, it’s important to have a bag for formal occasions, and this one happens to be perfect for them.

Watch Kathryn’s full vlog here:

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