Kartwheel Creations: your source of beautiful handmade trinkets

When In Manila, you gotta know who Mr. Pose Man is!
One of the cutest gift I received this Christmas would be Kartwheel Creation’s Mr. Pose Man! I just can’t get enough of him!
This delicate and funny necklace is the product of hard work and imagination! This necklace, as are most Kartwheel merchandise, are hand-made and created with love. The greatest thing about Mr. Pose Man are all the wacky poses! I must say, I’ve never had this much fun with any of my accessories. Here he is doing the ‘Gangnam’:
Aside from the infamous Mr. Pose Man, Kartwheel Creations also offers other accessories like these hand made resin guitar necklaces.
(Photos by Jani Diaz)
Definitely the most unique pieces I’ve seen in a while, certainly unlike those usually in the market. Kartwheel also offers paintings, sculptures, and all other beautiful things.
When In Manila, I highly suggest you check Kartwheel out for the most interesting works and trinkets.
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