Kanvas: Photos on Canvas, Bringing Your Photographs to Life

WHEN IN MANILA, it is important to keep our homes beautiful for ourselves and something unique and exciting for the guests to see (sidenote: Domesticity houses some of the best home accessories in the country). While most people fill their homes with the typical paintings and figurines, Kanvas offers something quite new and interesting for us, Filipinos.

Kanvas is an online store that focuses on printing your photos on canvas and bringing your photography to life. Instead of placing your photos in a typical picture frame, an old-fashioned photo album, or an artistic scrapbook, bring your photography to Kanvas and let them turn it into a piece of art that is totally affordable, but looks completely priceless.


What I love most about Kanvas is their unique concept of printing your photographs on a canvas thus, instantly bringing your photography to life . It certainly adds a lot of character to the room compared to a typical painting. You can even create your own little story with your kanvases like these two lovebirds.


Apart from bringing your photography to life, Kanvas is also a great place to check out if you’re hunting for the perfect and unique gift to give from your dad down to your best bud!


Aside from turning your photography into artworks, Kanvas can also turn your shots to clocks! If you’re not into taking photographs or in my case, totally bad at it, Kanvas also has stock photos for you to choose from to turn into your very own kanvas clocks.


So When In Manila readers, if you’re looking to add some extra oomph to your boudoirs or looking for the perfect gift for your favorite aunt, check out Kanvas and bring your photographs to life WHEN IN MANILA.



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Kanvas: Photos on Canvas, Bringing Your Photographs to Life