KAMALAYAN: An Arts and Music Festival for Our Farmers

Kamalayan is an annual art festival for awareness, where the theme changes every year, catering to different issues that need to be addressed. The theme for this year is Agriculture, shedding light on local flora, produce, and agriculture to benefit local farms & farmers, as well as other sustainable & environmental advocacies. 

What Kamalayan aims to do is not just raise awareness but to educate and create sustainable action. In order to contribute to the development of agriculture and help our farmers and fisherfolk, Kamalayan plans to do it in two ways:


  1. We Need to Pass Down Agriculture


We need to educate the next generation of farmers and fisherfolk that there are reasons for the importance of agriculture, which will be done through a book titled Aplaya.


We also want to give emphasis on marine conservation because we are an archipelago and artisanal fisherfolk are a marginalized sector we forget about. Their kids no longer want to be fisherfolk because they think there is no importance in it. That’s down if we talk about sustainable ways of helping, we include in our beneficiary a means of passing down the importance of agriculture, and marine agriculture too. 


Its implementation will begin in the public school kids of Siargao. TAYO has coordinated with Sir Alfred Coro, a previous mayor of Del Carmen for that matter. They have also talked to Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines and Reef Check Philippines. The means of book distribution will be in partnership as well with UNICEF.


  1. Funding Means to Farm


Donating funds to Fund the Forest will be directly supporting the funding for the replantation of crops and fruit trees for a community in Yangil, Zambales. This will be done with the help of Fund the Forest and MAD Travels who are a sustainable agency that has been directly in contact with this community for many years. The best way we can create sustainable change is by starting with communities one at a time. By directly funding means of farming for a community’s livelihood. You may visit their IG and website  @fundtheforest.ph to learn more. 

The Story

Back in 2015, Kids for Kids Philippines was co-founded by Natasha & Isabella Mañosa-Tanjutco. It is a youth empowerment and charity organization run solely by the youth who all have a common goal of wanting to make a difference. From then the organization has gained over 500 members, and raised over 2 million pesos for different benefits and causes; from UNICEF, The Philippine General Hospital, Lake Sebu School of Living Traditions (Mindanao), The Sagada Art Club, and victims of Marawi, Yolanda, and more.

The mission is to help the youth in need and to empower them to cultivate kindness and creativity, in order to create a generation of game-changers and continuously promote the spirit of Bayanihan to give back to our country and its people.

Since 2016, they have also become the country representatives for the UN-Accredited Bye Bye Plastic Bags, a global environmental conservation organization represented in over 20 countries.

With planning over 30 events, projects, and outreach initiatives for the past 3 years, we have incorporated our work into one company: TAYO Philippines, and they will continue to catalyze sustainable change through our advocacy-driven endeavors.


Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram:  @kamalayanph & @kidsforkidsph and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/kamalayanfestival/ & www.facebook.com/KidsforKidsPhilippines/

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