KAIROS: An Anchoring Weekend with a Life Coach Retreat

As we begin 2017, it’s important for us to gain focus and clarity on the kind of person we want to become and take actions for the goals we want to pursue.

I was really fortunate to attend KAIROS, which for me was a life changing weekend since it helped me a lot to come up with a clearer, more precise goal for this year. KAIROS is a Greek word which means “the right or opportune moment.” And according to Convergent Consulting, “KAIROS is an experience that combines finding your purpose for the new year with rest and relaxation from the busy-ness of life.” I felt relaxed already as I read through that. Being a better you this 2017 is the ultimate goal of KAIROS.

Convergent Consulting is the team behind this amazing concept. They have been developing teams and leaders from the Fortune 500 Corporations and the Top Local Philippine Corporations for the past 14 years. Now in their 15th year, they’ve decided to shift their focus from corporate learning and development to personal transformation, youth development, and family programs.


The retreat was held at the beautiful Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay. The venue is perfect! The weather, though a bit rainy, also helped us in making our plans for this year. The sweet sound of nature made the 2 days of being there even more relaxing and perfect for the purpose of KAIROS.

kairos31kairos23kairos3Dreambook, the official partner of KAIROS

kairos4kairos5kairos11“Session Hall” for Day 1

kairos12Our Life Coaches, Coach Steph and Coach Lei

kairos7Each of one received a “diary” for us to write our thoughts

There were different corners around the room to inspire us and get our minds working.

kairos8Poetry Corner

kairos6Book Corner

Our coaches used the Points of You cards for us to better formulate our goal for 2017. These cards are composed of pictures and words, and a brown canvas where we plotted our chosen cards.

kairos9Points of You cards

Everyone was really serious and into the sessions from day 1 up until the last day. It was really inspiring to hear some of their thoughts as we interacted with one another.

kairos13Day 1 – KAIROS Life Anchoring Session (KLAS)

Nurture Spa served only the best food during our stay. They were all yummy and healthy which helped us feel all good inside as we inhaled good vibes all throughout our stay.

kairos15Pumpkin Soup

kairos19Fresh Salad!

kairos20Roast Chicken

kairos22Chocolate Mousse

kairos27Vegetarian Lasagna


After our meal, we had our first life coaching session. I was assigned to Coach Lei. We talked for around an hour and we used the Points of You cards again for me to better formulate my goal for 2017. I had to choose cards which described how I feel for certain questions. After the “7 Whys”, I was able to find out the reason to my question earlier and what I want to achieve for 2017. It was so refreshing to talk to Coach Lei and be able to come up with a meaning to what I am going to do this new year.

After our meal, we were then assigned to our rooms. It was a triple sharing set up.

But the place was really comfortable for 3-4 pax! Each tiny cottage had two bathrooms. And everything was well-maintained and orderly.

kairos26Tiny Cottage

kairos24Time to rest!

kairos25So serene

After relaxing for a while, we went back to the Session Hall for our next KLAS: Vision Board and Wheel of Life. Here we were able to unleash our creative side and plot our inspiration for 2017’s goals and game plan. It was really inspiring to see what we actually want to achieve for this new year. We cut out photos and words which can help us and inspire us to focus on what we want for 2017.

kairos28Time to get creative!

kairos29After some chit chats, we headed to Bag of Beans for a fun dinner. There was a getting-to-know activity wherein we used Dialogue Cards to start our discussion. It was nice to know everyone at a deeper level from questions ranging to “What are the best and worst emails you’ve received?” to “What would you say is your biggest regret?”

kairos3At Bag of Beans (Photo c/o Kairos Team)

kairos2Nanay Lina (Photo c/o Miracel Juanta)

Day 2 started with a short farm tour with Nanay Lina. She shared with us some information on some of the medicinal plants and herbs that they grow here in Nurture Spa.

kairos1Organic Farm Tour (Photo c/o Miracel Juanta)

Then we had our last life coaching session and we discussed our feelings and thoughts after we made our Vision Board the other day. It feels nice to have clearer goals.

kairos32kairos33KAIROS Life Anchoring Tribe (:

All in all, it was a refreshing weekend. We all need to relax once in a while, to clear our thoughts, and determine our purpose. In this case, I was able to make a clearer picture of what I want to achieve this year. KAIROS is indeed an experience which will bring out a better you.