Justice is Served: Man Who Taped Dog’s Mouth Shut is Arrested

All life is important… regardless of species or kind. Man or woman, child or adult, human or animal… everyone deserves a little kindness and respect.

A few days ago, the story of this poor little bull terrier’s mouth being taped shut for days started spreading all over the internet. When I first came across the story, I initially decided not to write about it, especially because I heard about it just a few hours after I learning about Phoenix, the cat that was burned alive. I just didn’t have it in me anymore to post more sad stories of animal cruelty.

Just FYI, this ISN’T in the Philippines, but we thought to share it anyway as cases of animal cruelty continue to increase worldwide. To those unaware of Caitlyn’s (bull terrier) story, read on:

Last week, Caitlyn was found on a good Samaritan’s doorstep in North Charleston. Electrical tape was wrapped tightly around her muzzle, leaving Caitlyn in critical condition. The tape was wrapped around so tightly that Caitlyn’s tongue was sticking out and caught in between her teeth! According to officials, Caitlyn had probably been in this state for 36-48hrs.  The tape was less than half the size of Caitlyn’s muzzle –THAT’s how tight it was!

Washington postPhoto taken from Washington post

Dog found with muzzle taped shutPhoto taken from fox13news

So why decide to share this story now? Well, because earlier today, Caitlyn’s abuser was finally arrested. I just can’t help but share the good news knowing that justice is served! For a helpless creature, one that most people take fore granted – JUSTICE IS SERVED. The culprit – William Leonard Dodson. He is now being charged with ill treatment of animals and torture, and was also ordered a $50,000 bond. Apparently, Dodson has 1 more dog at home which was immediately confiscated by officials after his arrest.

William Leonard Dodson MugshotPhoto taken from fox13now.com

So what happens to Caitly now? According to Fox5Vegas, Caitlyn is currently getting the best of medical care at Veterinary Specialty Care in Mount Pleasant. She is also receiving laser treatment and hyperbaric to help save damaged tissue and hopefully save her tongue. So far, Caitlyn continues to fight and shows signs of progress.

Caitlyn the dog (3)

Caitlyn the dog (5)

We look forward to Caitlyn’s quick recovery. Caitlyn’s and Phoenix’ stories are just some of the extreme cases of animal abuse and cruelty we see worldwide. Please be reminded to report these cases and help an animal in need if you can. These article may be about Caitlyn the dog, but the bigger message is really to just show kindness and respect towards all forms of life. If you cannot help them, please at least respect them.

Caitlyn the dog (4)

Caitlyn the dog (6)

For cases of animal abuse or cruelty here in the Philippines, please do not hesitate to contact either CARA, PAWS or P.A.R.T. Everyone deserves a little love and respect.

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