Just 15 Videos of Fluffy and Cute Animals to Prepare You for Monday

Here we ago again. Monday is looming upon us once again, and I know how you’re feeling. Yes. It sucks. You wish weekends were longer! BUT, just like the grey strands starting to show on your hair, Monday is inevitable. We’ll have to face it. But hey, we might have the cure.

Here are 15 videos of super cute or fluffy animals to cheer you up and help you sleep with a smile on your face tonight, ’cause WHO DOESN’T LIKE DEM CUTE ANIMALS? Here we go!

15. This bunny who’s feeling very cozy

14. This bucket filled with the absolutely cutest wittle kittens

13. These golden retrievers having the time of their lives

12. Puss in Boots, isdatchu?

11. The best friendship ever

Best buddies! . . #Repost @happycatclub

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10. These smart cuties of Japan!

9. This lucky, ginormous cat getting a sweet lullaby

8. This birdie that’s better than an alarm clock

7. Baby Black Panther!

6. This bunny munching on veggies that’s somehow very soothing

5. Um, cat or cap?

Cat or cap? . #Repost @happypetclub ? from @catloversclub

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4. This pug who’s having a better summer than you

The perfect swimming buddy ? . . ? @floralisland.resort

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3. The cutest animal chase you’ll ever see

2. This might make you want a pet pig!

1. And lastly, this cat that understands exactly how you feel.

Back to work be like….. #SadEyesMaki

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