LOOK: Jungkook Fans Put Up a London Tube Ad to Greet Him a Happy Birthday

How far have you gone to greet a celebrity ‘Happy Birthday’? Well, it seems like BTS fans really take things up a notch. They greeted Jungkook in one of the most unforgettable ways possible: with a London Tube ad.

That’s right. If you happen to live in London and are taking the Victoria Line this week, you will be seeing this KPop birthday greeting for Jungkook from BTS:

Jungkook London Tube Ad

Aside from greeting Jungkook a ‘Happy Birthday’, the immense birthday greeting also describes Jungkook as ‘the soul singer, excellent dancer, handsome, master sportsman’.

Take note that this isn’t a campaign or anything. It is actually a global birthday event that was paid for and organized by his fans. Apparently, billboards like these are quite a common birthday gift for KPop idols by their fans, even though these birthday messages are sure to cost a ton of money.

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This particular Jungkook London Tube ad was organized by Jungkook China. How far would you go to greet your favorite celebrity?