JuJo: What is a Junk Journal and How to Get Started

Earlier this month, I got to have a quick rendezvous with fellow JuJo owners where I got up-close and personal with their stash of washi tapes, vintage ephemeras, DIY vintage postcards, craft supplies, and their Junk Journals (JuJo).

junk journal 1 A JuJo in vintage theme.

junk journal cover Cover of JuJo

A Junk Journal (JuJo) is a keepsake of memories, ideas, and experiences. What sets it apart from ordinary journals is that it is a hodge-podge of recycled materials bound together (trust me, I am a solid fan of anything recycled/upcycled). The medley of memorabilia and the assortment of recycled materials such as cereal boxes, old tickets, decorative papers, wax papers, old books, and old notebooks speak of the owner’s interests or characteristics, thus giving each JuJo a unique touch. If you are a fan of vintage stuff, your junk journal will most likely be filled with pretty but quaint oldfangled designs.

kelloggs Cereal box cover for my JuJo. I got the discs (a special type of rings) as preowned. They cost around 120 pesos for six. Great find!

bookmarks All of these bookmarks are made from scrap cardboards and papers. My JuJo wouldn’t be complete without these handmade bookmarks.

A Junk Journal has yet to find its way into mainstream journal users. I am so grateful for Tina, an avid JuJo maker, who initiated the Junk Journal PH group to gather more people who are interested in creating a JuJo.

junk journal 2 A tribute to a loving memory.

IMG 2614 Beneath the Juniper Tree’s Journal.

If a JuJo piques your interest, start off by collecting what interests you the most and compile them into a handmade notebook or journal using any materials that suit your liking. Unlike a daily journal, a JuJo is random and spontaneous. You dump it with stickers, ephemeras, or any “junk” which you think fits your entry. You’ll eventually find yourself getting hooked and giving some bargain book- and craft- stores a once-over for that one postcard or sticker that fits your JuJo.

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Making a Junk Journal is a good activity to channel your creativity and resourcefulness. Not only does it boost creativity, but it is a great way to de-stress, as well. Also, if writing isn’t your penchant, you can fill your JuJo with any “junk” that represents or mirrors your experiences or ideas. You can set a theme or a style – surprise yourself with the limitless possibilities of a JuJo. After all, your memories, experiences, and ideas deserve a keepsake.

IMG 2604 JuJo owners Tina and Stephanie. Tina initiated the meet-up for her group, Junk Journal PH.

Are you interested in creating a JuJo?