JUAN BIG IDEA Soaring to Broader Marketing Heights: PJMA Chapter Event Luzon Edition

 juan big idea

That is the goal that motivates the Philippine Junior Marketing Association (PJMA) as they launch their pilot Chapter Event this 24th of August. Bearing the title, “JUAN BIG IDEA Soaring to Broader Marketing Heights: PJMA Chapter Event Luzon Edition,”the seminar will take place at the Gymnasium of University of Pangasinan Arellano St. Dagupan, Pangasinan.


PJMA’s Chapter Events are always held in chapter areas. This is how the organization gives back to the young marketing students in the provinces. They want to create venues where they can be a tool to help tap potentials of those from the provinces whom they believe have great potentials for the corporate world. These kinds of events involve talks on different marketing topics by high caliber marketing professionals.


This will be the first among the four chapter events nationwide.


Truly, this student-empowered federation knows how to cross borders.


*The Philippine Junior Marketing Association (PJMA) is the national organization of marketing students and official youth affiliate of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA). We are composed of over 120 member schools across the Philippines with a member base of more than 30,000 marketing and business students. Our purpose is to organize projects and services that aim to maximize opportunities for the marketing students of the Philippines.


JUAN BIG IDEA Soaring to Broader  Marketing Heights: PJMA Chapter Event Luzon Edition