Jo Koy Reminisces Humble Beginnings as a Comedian

During his latest show at the Madison Square Gardens, Jo Koy was photographed embracing her sister on stage. “This picture is everything,” he said, sharing the heartwarming story behind it on his socials.

He began by saying how his sister Gemma had been there for him through thick and thin. Then, he shared how he started out as a comedian. “When she was a flight attendant, she would hook me up with stand-by tickets so I could fly to crappy college gigs for free, and she would meet me there and be so excited to watch me perform inside the student union cafeteria in front of 6 people, clapping and cheering as if her brother was playing Madison Square Garden,” he reminisced.

Apparently, his sister is a huge part of his success. He shared, “when my business started taking off and I needed help, she quit her job to work for me.”

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“God blessed me with the greatest sister anyone could ask for,” he expressed his gratitude. “[My] ride or die!”

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Photo: Jo Koy on Facebook

It was a dream come true for both of them. “Thursday was the night Gemma got to see her brother actually play Madison Square Garden,” he wrote.

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Going back to the momentous photo, he explained, “This picture right here is us crying and hugging and her yelling in my ear ‘BROTHER! You sold out Madison Square Garden and YOU CRUSHED IT!'”

Jo Koy acknowledged his sister for their win saying, “Mahal kita, Gemma! We did it!!!”

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