JINRO Kristmas with Dongho from U-Kiss

Dongho, the formal leader of Kpop group U-Kiss, is coming back to Manila since his 2013 U-kiss concert at MOA (Mall Of Asia). Dongho has been busy for 4 years to build his career as a DJ. And now, as DJ Rushin Justin, he is coming back to Manila to show us a live performance at House Manila Club on December 16th. This event is sponsored by HiteJinro (No.1 Korea Liquor company).  HiteJinro is familiar in the Philippines with JINRO soju.

Comma Entertainment (www.comma-entertainment.com), the organizer of the HiteJinro’s overseas events, has announced that it’ll be the biggest Christmas event with other international (Korean) DJ and other local DJ’s performance. Their JINRO event is well-known in Manila because of their massive gifts and freebies to every visitor.

Regular tickets are at 500 pesos each! Keep an eye on their official facebook page “Taste HiteJinro,” for updates and get a chance to win the invitation tickets.

Dress Code: White

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