Jimuel Pacquiao is Offered to Do a Hollywood Movie


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It looks like showbiz is running in the Pacquiao family. Jimuel, Manny’s firstborn, was offered to do a Hollywood movie.

In a report by Pep.ph, Arnold L. Vegafria, the boxer’s business manager, revealed that he is in talks for the film. He said that there’s no final script, but the shoot will be in the Philippines, Japan, and the USA. The final plans will be announced this year.

Vegafria added that Pacquiao’s camp was surprised that it was Jimuel who was offered the role. Apparently, there have been rumors that it would be Manny who would be getting a Hollywood movie since he is admired by foreign action stars.

The team’s concern now is whether Manny would allow his son to star in a movie since he is currently in college.


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Jimuel is enjoying attention in mainstream media after he joined his father on the ring last month to train for Manny’s fight against American Keith Thurman. The boxing champion also gave his son tips and pointers should he want to become a professional boxer as well.

Jimuel has joined three amateur fights and has won all of them. He told Villainfy Media that he is seriously considering turning pro.

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