Jericho’s 17-Year-Old Son Santino Is Now A Model

Just in case you missed it, Santino Rosales, son of Jericho Rosales with ex-girlfriend Kai Polmenares, is now into modeling!

The smoldering 17-year-old just walked the Manila Fashion Festival recently, modeling for big-shot designers such as Philip Rodriguez and Chris Diaz, and we can clearly see that the boy has a future!

It seems that Santino did get the best of his parents’ genes: his mother Kai used to be a former model, while Jericho is still one of today’s hottest actors.

In an interview with PEPWhen asked if he was interested in show business, the young model quickly clarified that he was taking a different path from his father and said:

“I’m never going into showbiz. It’s just not for me. I’m not gonna take a job that I don’t love doing.”

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