Jericho Wanted His Son Santino To Become an Olympian

With his good looks, it would seem that Santino Rosales is taking after his father Jericho as the student and football athlete is currently making waves as a model.

However, Echo reveals that showbiz is not what he had in mind for his 17-year-old son. In an interview with Boy Abunda, Jericho revealed that he wanted his son to stick to sports.

“I have a dream for him and it’s not show business. I said I want him to be an Olympian because he loves sports.”

While Jericho grew up in the limelight, the actor shared that he hopes for his son to focus on his studies so he won’t be exposed to the “crazy life” that comes with show business.

Looks like Echo wouldn’t have anything to worry about. In an interview with PEP, Santino shared that he only wants to model, and is not interested in showbiz.

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