Jericho Rosales Speaks Up On Boracay’s Flooding

Actor Jericho Rosales is urging his followers to practice responsible tourism, in the wake of the big flood that ravaged Boracay island caused by tropical depression Urduja.

jericho rosales

On his Instagram post, the actor said:

Are we just all about having fun and being irresponsible? Are we made to allow ourselves and other people destroy the very things that make us who we really are? We are so unaware. We are or were all guilty at some point.

Hurt and sad for #Boracay right now. Scared for the hundreds if not thousands of tourist spots here in our beloved #Pilipinas. Brothers and sisters, please think and educate yourselves about responsible tourism. Help the locals. Educate them too. We can’t just keep inviting people to come here and then that’s it. It doesn’t end at #itsmorefuninthephilippines. Is your town/city prepared for tourism? Proper dumpsites? Hospitals? The list goes on. We are killing our own country. Guys, we don’t live for ourselves alone. What about our kids? The generations after us?

Get on your feet, Boracay. It’s not too late. Thoughts, prayers and actions from my family to yours. God bless.

It was reported that the flood was the worst to hit Boracay, which was named as Conde Nast’s world’s best island in 2016.

The flood reportedly affected 90 percent of the island’s roads.

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