Jennylyn Mercado Promises Not to Let Us Down in the ‘Descendants of the Sun’ Adaptation

If you’re a KDrama fan, then there’s no doubt that you’ve already watched (or at least heard of) ‘Descendants of the Sun’. In fact, you’ve probably already seen it more than once.

Well, GMA-7 has confirmed who will be playing the lead female role of the Filipino adaptation, originally played by Song Hye-ko in the Korean drama: Jennylyn Mercado.

Jennylyn will be playing the character of Dr.

Maxine dela Cruz (nicknamed Beauty – or Kang Mo-yeon in the KDrama) alongside Dingdong Dantes, who will be playing the character of Captain Lucas (Yoo Shi-kin in the KDrama).

In an Instagram post, Jennylyn points out that she very rarely posts about her projects, but she couldn’t help herself. She says, “I am super happy to portray Dr. Maxine De La Cruz of Descendants of The Sun The Philippine Adaptation. When I heard they started taping already and preparing for the soap, I got curious about who they chose for the role.

When I learned that it was me, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for GMA’s trust and also pressured since I know how big this project is. I promise I would do everything to give justice to the role. I won’t let you all down. Promise.”

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Other confirmed cast members for the ‘Descendants of the Sun’ adaptation include Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Rocco Nacino, Jon Lucas, Paul Salas, Lucho Ayala, Prince Clemente, Chariz Solomon, and Renz Fernandez.

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