JBL On Stage IV Speaker dock: Making your iDevice loud and proud

When In Manila and looking for a speaker dock that is powerful, stylish and capable to be transported easily. I suggest looking into the JBL On Stage IV. It’s eye catching, easy and cool to navigate, and packs a meaty sound profile. No need to go anywhere else in this review but straight to the point. I love the JBL On Stage IV and I mean it. This is probably the only speaker small enough and portable enough to satisfy me.


Build: JBL is one of those brands that always have kept quality at par with the name of the brand. The brand is very well known, and I always see JBL as a brand that keeps their quality strong with the namesake of the company. Our family has always had a set of JBL speakers for stages and for monitors and such in our business, and until now they serve us well and barely fault compared to other similar level companies. The JBL On Stage also suits this aspect. Upon un-boxing of the JBL On Stage, the finish of the whole speaker and the weight that matches its footprint, stamps the quality control seal to the deal. An addition to this is the remote that comes with the JBL On Stage. I noticed how thin it is and how the buttons are somewhat a little flushed in design, but from my constant abuse of it, I find that it responds firmly and feels precise and firm upon usage. The overall design gives a statement of modernism and sophistication. I don’t really fault it anywhere in the build aspect, maybe just a little personal taste with the design. I feel that it has a too much of that swirling body design, but that’s just me I guess. Upon turning over the JBL On Stage IV, you can find the latch for batteries. Yes, they can also run on batteries which is just sick! Imagine a speaker that performs like this to be portable? Just really an awesome product from JBL. The last speaker that made me wow for being portable and perform really well didn’t even have a remote, moreover battery capabilities.


Sound Quality: I have already mentioned ahead how the JBL On Stage IV really caught me, so let me tell you why. The sound quality of the JBL On Stage IV veers more to the lower end of the sound spectrum. Bass is evident, but never overpowering. Treble is alive and crisp, details and vocals are reproduced smoothly, and without the common problems of portable speakers that have the sound or instruments seeming to be eating each other up. Even when the volume is pushed up, there is no evident distortion or cracking heard. And yeah, they do go really loud. REALLY LOUD! I just really love the JBL On Stage IV and I already had it as a companion on one of our beach trips. You just gotta check it out because I don’t think anything in the same price range, size and functionality would trump the JBL On Stage IV.

Overall, when touting your favorite portable Apple devices such as an iPhone, iPod or iTouch, you’ll never go wrong docking it with the JBL On Stage IV! Even with other media devices that is not dock capable with the JBL On Stage IV, hooking them up to the 3.5mm auxiliary cable might not be as “cool looking” anymore, but the sound quality makes up so much for it. From the remote playback to the amazing sound quality for the small footprint, this is one hella good speaker dock!

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JBL On Stage IV Speaker dock: Making your iDevice loud and proud


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