Jasmine Curtis-Smith Wants to Focus on Reaching Her ‘100 Percent’ Before Thinking of Marriage

Actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith is very happy with her relationship with Jeff Ortega, but she says it’s not the right time to consider settling down yet.

Jasmine Curtis Smith and Jeff Ortega

Source: Instagram.com/jascurtissmith

In a recent interview with reporters, Jasmine said that before she could even think about marriage, she wants to reach her “100 percent as an individual.”

“There are still many things I want to achieve on my own—as a sister, daughter, actress—for myself,” she said. “I want to have something I can call my own, without the help of my family and boyfriend.

“I have to fix whatever needs fixing. I don’t want to burden him with whatever I’m carrying,” she added.

Jasmine is set to open a boutique hotel with Jeff in La Union soon, but clarified that acting will always be her main focus.

“We don’t want to deprive each other of doing our own thing,” she continued. “So, when it’s time to tie the knot—God willing—we can be sure that we have no regrets; that we supported one another.

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